German Sprint Champs (WRE) + National Ranking Event (WRE)
May 10th/11th 2014

Photos online
Finally, there are some photos online now.
Analysis tools available
At the sidebar you can now access the analysis tools Routegadget, Splitalyzer and WinSplits. Thanks, Simon, for providing the first two of them.
Maps can be downloaded
Anybody who is interested in a digital version of the map can now find it at Map Download in the sidebar.
Results and split times online
For all competitions the results and split times are now online and can be accessed from the sidebar. We thank the 580 participants and hope you had a nice weekend!
Final results online
The results can now be accessed at results. The results for the qualification can be accessed at qualification, for the results for the final click here.
Programme online
At Programme you can now download the programme in color (DIN A5, 9,6 MB) or in black and white with white background (DIN A5, 4,5 MB).
Directions online
At Directions you can now access information about parking and directions for the German Sprint Champs and the national ranking event on Sunday.
Spending the night in the dormitory
Due to fire protection requirements, we as the organizer have to follow strict conditions for overnight stays in the dormitory. Especially, we can have significant trouble if competitors that are not registered for the dormitary stay over night. Please, register your overnight stay if you want to sleep in the dormitory. We will carry out inspections and an administrative fine will be raised in case of unregistered stays.
Arbitration-board nominated
The arbitration-board for the German Sprint Champs has been nominated:
Valerio Casanova, OLG Regensburg
Uwe Dresel, SC Klecken
Mario Gorecki, USV Jena
Start lists online
The start lists for the sprint qualification and the WRE on Sunday are now online. You can access them in the sidebar sorted by categories or clubs.
Final course lengths online
The final course lengths are now online. Please apologize the delay at this point as well. However, the modifications are quite small.
Negative list of start pass file back online
The negative list of the start pass file is back online at Start Pass List. Please apologize the delay.
Negative list for start pass file
At Start Pass List a first version of a negative list of the start pass file can be accessed. Please keep in mind that a start in a championship class is not possible for German competitors without a valid start pass!
Sleeping in the caravan
If you want to stay in the caravan, you have to book a parking space at in advance. The parking spaces are nearby the dormitory. In the meadow that is intended as parking space for the other cars, it is not allowed to stay with the caravan. Thank you for your understanding.
Course lengths online
The course lengths sind now online and can be accessed in the sidebar at Course Lengths. Because of unpredicted changes in the terrain, some of the course lengths for the Sprint Champs final will still be slightly changed.
Trying out orienteering?
For everybody who has never done orienteering before, but would like to try it out, there is a separate category in the sidebar now. Unfortunately, as this is only relevant for local runners, the information is only available in German.
Entry now possible
The entry for the German Sprint Championships 2014 is now possible via the online entries system OrienteeringOnline. You can find more information in the sidebar.
English Version of Website online
For our foreign participants the English version of the website is now online and can be accessed via the british flag in the upper left area of the website.
Bulletin online
In the menu at Bulletin you can now have a look at the bulletin.
The mayor and the Lippe district administrator send their greetings
It's not only us who are awaiting you: the mayor of Bad Lippspringe and the Lippe district administrator are welcoming you to our event. You find their greetings in the menu.
Our region OWL
The surrounding area of the German Sprint Champs offers some nice places of interest - in particular, the competition area on Sunday is close to the Externsteinen, which is worth a visit. At Our region OWL you will find more information and pictures.
Impressions of the forest of the National Ranking Event (WRE)
Pictures of the forest of the long distance event on Sunday are now available at Impressions.
German Sprint Champs Video available
At Impressions we present a video of the actual competition area of the sprint race (WRE). Watching it, you can get a first impression of the terrain.
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